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We are Together

We are together, struggling for our dream; we are together, sharing joy and shouldering responsibility. We come from different places and we are diverse from each other, but we are together, because we are a team. We make concerted effort for the team and make our own contributions to our home - Yingjiaxun from different aspects, positions and angles so as to build a strong, long-lasting, prosperous, down-to-earth, friendly and happy family.

In this team, each of us is a great member, a member making the team stronger and a member bringing happiness to the team. In this team, we do not need to say turkey to one and buzzard to another, we do not need to consider ourselves always right and we do not need to haggle over every ounce…because we are family.

Let us make arduous efforts together for our common goal!


Team Spirit

Core of team spirit - cooperation

In a team, people can cooperate with each other and complement each other’s advantage, so a team’s work performance is greatly higher than the sum of individual’s. Team spirit emphasizes not only the cooperation and unity in a general sense but also giving play to the advantage of the team. The core of team spirit is that all team members should strengthen communication and make use of differences in personality and ability to realize mutual compensation of advantages in solidarity and cooperation, give play to positive synergistic effect and achieve the “1+1>2” performance. Therefore, to guarantee the fulfillment of target tasks, all team members should complement each other, give play to individual specialty and pay attention to process to create synergistic effects.

Tidemark of team spirit – unity

All team members’ centripetal force and cohesive force are an important symbol of a team evolving from a loose individuals’ gathering. In a team, having a common goal and encouraging all team members to struggle for the goal is absolutely important, but centripetal force and cohesive force come from all team members’ conscious inner power and their common values.

Good Faith

Observing discipline forever - not only observing the clauses but also the spirit of discipline is the core of our all relations.

Trust established through good faith allows our values to play a significant role. With such a kind of trust, our employees will believe in us and dare to take a chance when we say “a fault” will not destroy their future; with such a kind of trust, nobody needs a witness when saying something and nobody needs to write down what he/she says, because we believe in each other.

In external contacts, we should take a clear-cut stand in a constructive way towards our suppliers, partners or the government, expressing agreement or opposition to various kinds of problems.


We should put bureaucracy to death. We must remain vigilant at all times and enterprise’s bureaucracy must be rooted out. Bureaucracy makes people depressed, makes people reverse the order of importance and places limits on people’s dream, resulting in people’s slow performance, self-complacence, slow response to customers and even foolishness.

Self-confidence is a key leadership skill. It can help make a big move and simplify communication; it can make people simple, as no one has time to make things complex. In this information-based world, speed and simplification are of great importance.


------We should take delight in reform. If the speed of an enterprise’s internal reform is slower than that of external reform, then it is dying, and the only problem is when its last minute will come.

------We do not need to pursue perfection of everything and we can take more chances, as we know not all things can be successful.

------If your future can be seen today, then the future is your today. Do not stop your pursuit!

------We should have free thinking.

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